STEP For a Better World

Helping the World One STEP at a time


Our club started with a mission of uniting students, neighbors, family and friends to bring about social changes. At community level it will be a great place for kids and teenagers to learn how to contribute more positively to the society and at global level it will help them to​create sustainable social changes through youth activism by working with organizations supporting the underprivileged.


STEP supports the betterment of our community and the world especially helping the underprivileged. The club is isn't dedicated to any one cause but, is adaptable to all the things that our community is passionate about. We are involved in simple fund raising tasks to collection drives in order to raise awareness. We will keep you posted as we continue to ​make our mission a reality.


We ensure that all members are safe and have a good time!


We train our members to learn new skills as they experience their community and beyond


We educate not only our members but everyone in the community


We partner with several amazing organizations to help advance our missions!

Our Partners:

ECDC Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)
Elijah's Promise Elijah's Promise
Hermann Transportation Hermann Transportation
HomeFront HomeFront
hss WW-P High School South
Make-A-Wish Make-A-Wish
PFD Plainsboro's Founder's day
Plainsboro Food Pantry Plainsboro Food Pantry
Plainsboro Rescue Squad Plainsboro Rescue Squad
TASK Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
Toys For Tots Toys For Tots

Featured Events


​STEP volunteers worked with HomeFront to provide kids with a fun Thanksgiving Party! STEP had a wonderful time at HomeFront and hopes to come again next year!

Toys For Tots

STEP hosted a fundraiser for Toys for Tots and donated to them. With boxes near the library and some other places. We collected a few boxes filled toys for kids to enjoy.

Elijah's Soup Kitchen

STEP went to Elijah's Soup kitchen and cooked food. We then served it to people and helped around in the kitchen!

Ronald McDonald House

STEP went to the Ronald McDonald House located in New Brunswick, where we prepared food for the families of ill children who are at the hospital.


In early 2017, STEP volunteered at Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) where STEP volunteers prepared food and watched over the computers.

Clothing Drive

​STEP hosted a clothing drive for the Salvation Army from May 14- May 22nd and collected over 25 bags from our members, volunteers, and families.

Executive Members